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2017 Discover How To Pierredarre Sale Smart With Such Strategies Outlet Store

17 develop into a pro pierredarre handbags with such guidelines Sale Shoppierredarre store Guidelines That pierredarre bags Forces You To A Higher PriceThese days, ma...

13 days ago

The 4 best Orthodox Books I've ever seen... (period, hands down)

1. Wounded by Love: by Elder (now Saint) Porphyrios (as good of a guide as to how to truly LIVE Orthodoxy as I've ever ever seen; a soft-path first, approach) 2. Th...

636 days ago

FINALLY, an Orthodox book on ...Dating!

...arid humor goes) Worth reading.All the more so for only $2.49 from Amazon. HTH's.May St.Xenia...

951 days ago

Site shutdown

Christ is Risen! Hi all, Sorry to say it but the site will be shutting down on June 1st. I have been the admin here since June 2011, so it'll be 4 years of taking c...

1102 days ago

Book Description

...aracterize his whole ministry to the suffering Serbian people. Born in 1914, Elder Thaddeus lived thr...d Wars, during the Communist takeover, and through the nato bombings of 1999, he co-suffered with his pe...

2554 days ago