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    Image added by bige3rd 1716 days ago

    Dear Friend,

           Most of the pictures of you are blurry.... sorry i do not mean to make you upset but

    have a professional photographer take your picture.. I am sure you are very handsome but the lighting in your photos are not correct. I am praying for you to find a beautiful wife in side and out i like the prayer in your photos

    with Christs love

    barbara maley 1033 days ago

    Yah; truth hurts.
    I do see what you mean; that one is a bit south of focused.

    Though in all candor? I ain't exactly B.pitt or G.Clooney; either.
    So who knows, blurry might even be beneficent, for me.?


    no worries & God Bless,

    bige3rd 1033 days ago