Well matched....

Well matched....
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    Image added by bige3rd 2190 days ago

    I love this picture!

    Natalia 2178 days ago

    Thanks Natalia!
    : )

    bige3rd 2160 days ago


    I am sorry , I just saw your freindship request today while I was studying in the library.

    I know it might be too late to reply

    I am simply a very honest person and I am emotional and sensitive as well . In the mean time , I am realistic in terms of how we can really know each other in view of that far distance? I believe that you live in the states at the moment . I live in Northern Ireland.


    Amy 1926 days ago

    Hi Amy!

    Nice to meet you in a cyber kinda way.

    Allow me to reply to this once I get back home.
    Great luck with your studies!

    Happy Saturday!

    bige3rd 1926 days ago